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Disclamer: this blog post may include affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you if you purchase anything through my link. It supports my crochet channel, this website & blog and all creation process. Thank you so much!

Hi, I'm Nerri. A mother of 2 boys, reader and successful crochet designer. My top favourite crochet projects are are rugs and blankets. I also write crochet patters. But in this blog post I would like to share with you the story of this mesmerising crochet rug 'Life is a Flower', which is one of the most popular rug patterns online.

I didn't have this in my dreams at all. I just couldn't find a perfect crochet rug pattern for my living room. So I designed it myself. In this blog post I share the story behind. I hope it inspires you too.

Crochet Rug?

How did I come up with this Idea at all.

Well... I blame Pinterest for this. I remember, I used to scroll on Pinterest for ours looking for amazing crochet ideas and inspiration to pin on my Crochet Madness board. And more and more, my eyes were caught by stunning big scale crochet rugs - those interior designs looked so stunning, that I decided to crochet one such rug for my new home too. I was about to move in into the new flat as a single mother with my 2 year old son at that time.

Perfect Rugs.

But not for me...

And here the story goes short - the more I was searching, the less I was happy with the designs to fit my needs. So I embarked on the adventure to create the perfect crochet rug design myself.

That was probably one of the most pleasurable adventures I've ever had. Lol.

Inspired by Crochet Doilies

Yes, that is true. This very first crochet rug pattern of mine was inspired by crochet doilies, which I used to crochet long time ago when at school - we had crafts classes. Yes, I know, we were lucky!

So I picked one I liked, I ordered the special crochet cord, a thick crochet hook and started crocheting. It wasn't that simple though - I had to frog many times to adjust the pattern to suit the rug - the exact same crochet doily pattern just simply didn't work...

It took me around 10 days to finish the whole rug and then extra 3 days to write the pattern for it.

Crochet Cord for Rugs

When it came to choosing the crochet cord for my rug, I picked this off-white Ivory color from Monomey Studio on Etsy and I never regretted my choice since.

To be honest, I tried couple of other brands too, in search of the cheaper option, but those were quite disappointing and I always came back to MonoMey for my rugs.

I crocheted my very original rug in January 2017 and it's been 5 years already - I am still using it in my living room as a main interior design attribute. It hasn't changed its best shape at all. And I believe, it is due to the high quality crochet cord I choice for it.

All orders I got for this rug, I also accomplished with MonoMey cords - I just couldn't risk for my clients to be disappointed.

If you Better Listen than Read...

... Here is the video of me sharing this story in more detail.

Crochet Rug Pattern. Written PDF download.

If you want to make this rug too, check out my written pattern with all instructions on Etsy here.


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