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Disclamer: this blog post may include affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you if you purchase anything through my link. It supports my crochet channel, this website & blog and all creation process. Thank you so much!

Hi, there. Nerri is here. As a maker, I always care not only how my customers will love what I make for them, but also what their experience of unboxing is. And THANK YOU card is one of those things, what I think, is A MUST to include in every box. Especially, if something handmade with love is in that box!

And my journey to this point was very organic.

First, I looked for the cards in supermarkets, book shops, art fairs and similar. Then, I became a little smarter and searched for suitable designs on Unsplash, Shutterstock, Pinterest or Google. I printed what I liked and I used them for a while. But I wasn't fully happy. Until I saw that there are people who design and sell their own Thank You cards on Etsy. Eureka!

Designing my own Thank You cards.

Once this came to my mind, I opened my Canva account and designed my first Thank You card.

It took me 10 minutes.

You would think there - how easy! Why would I pay for that?

What it Takes to Create and Start Selling Your Own Printable Thank You Cards

Yes, it was easy. But it actually took much more time, my effort and love to list it on Etsy.

Here are all the steps I took (in case you want to try this yourself too):

  1. Design of the first version of Thank You card on Canva - front side.

  2. Design of the back side of the card (soft brushy grey lines to fill in the text by hand).

  3. Design of a mock-up for a front side.

  4. Design a mock-up for both sides on one picture with text and watermark (which you can see just above).

  5. Save all PNG files on my PC.

  6. Save PDF file (front and back sides only) on my PC.

  7. Save same PDF file, just with cut-marks, on my PC.

  8. Open a new Etsy shop for these Printable Thank You Cards.

  9. Create a listing for this freshly designed Printable Thank You Card, filling all the details, title, keywords, tags, price, uploading the pictures and files.

  10. Posting on my Instagram and Pinterest.

  11. Writing this blog post.

  12. Writing and sending out the newsletter.

Personal Touch

There is a huge choice of personalised Thank You cards on Etsy where you can enter your details and get the Card prepared just right for your business or download the card template and customize it yourself.

The special moment of this card is its blank back side - only soft grey lines, which can be filled in by hand. I think hand-writing these days is much more personal and special touch than printed message.

Do you agree?

Support is Easy

In case, you like these creations of mine and would like to download and print one of them, go to my Etsy shop here. Otherwise, any kind of shares, likes and hearts are highly appreciated too!

Thank you for reading!




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